Pygmy Jerboa


BIO:   PYGMY JERBOA(Iván Naranjo / Maria Stankova) / Pygmy Jerboa is a duo focused on free improvisation and flexible composition with live electronics and various kinds of acoustic input.

Their music has been described as “unclassifiable, and that’s part of what is so exciting about listening to their newest release….To begin the descent into their world the listener must give in, in some regards, to the most primitive whims of the act of listening. It’s an aural trust fall. And it’s worth trying.” (Unlikely Stories, NYC).

The duo has performed in Bulgaria, Germany, Mexico and the United States at venues such as Issue Project Room, AC Institute, ZKM Karlsruhe, CMMAS, MUAC and at concert series such as Darmstadt Classics of the Avantgarde (NY), VOLTA (MX), Alarma (BG), Sonic Circuits (DC), Uncertainty Series (CT), among others. Their live performance at Issue Project Room was selected by the venue as one of the highlights for 2011.

PJ’s first album “Top Secret Jazz” was released in 2011 by Abolipop Records and their second album is coming up soon on Mandorla Records.



- {Mandorla Netlabel 025 / Pygmy Jerboa – Change Still More Again} 

- Pygmy Jerboa - кукери / Autumn Net-Project Vol.4 / Coming Soon 2012

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