© 2012 mandorla. All rights reserved. {Mandorla Netlabel 022 / David Vèlez - Entropía}

{Mandorla Netlabel 022 / David Velez – Entropía}


{Mandorla Netlabel 022 / David Velez – Entropía}

Entropía is a publication that consists of two elements: a sound release and a book with photographs; the release and the book were made simultaneously during the second semester of 2009. Entropía brings together sound and visual register of field trips made over the past year to abandoned and industrial sites in the Brooklyn borough of NYC.

Sound release

1. Parte I                10:17

2. Parte II                14:35

3. Parte III               13:36

4. Parte IV              11:38

Sound captured, performed and composed by David Vélez. 2009 / © 2009 Sound: David Vélez / © 2010


Photos by David Vélez. 2009 / © 2009 All photos: David Vélez / Book design: David Vélez for © Impulsive habitat. 2010

Entropía by David Vélez

© 2010 Mandorla

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission.

Thanks: Lina, papas, familia, Juan José Calarco, Manrico Montero, James McDougall, Richard Garet, Christopher McFall, Pedro Leitâo, Ennio Mazzon.


Complete Package (Artwork + MP3) / .ZIP – David Vélez – Entropía
BOOK (Pdf) / Entropía





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